Worcestershire Wedding Photography: My Services

If you’re lucky enough to be engaged to the love of your life, you may be looking for a professional wedding photographer to capture the magic of your special day. If you plan to tie the knot in Worcestershire and are looking for an unobtrusive, experienced photographer, continue reading to discover how I can capture a set of stunning wedding photographs, which you’ll treasure for years to come.

My style of photography:

In my experience, the wedding photographs which clients fall in love with, aren’t the traditional formal photographs which a couple poses for. Instead couples rave about the spontaneous moments, which have been immortalized in photo form. Examples of such moments include, a bride and groom sharing a light-hearted joke and a bride catching her own reflection in the mirror as her bridesmaids help her with the final touches to her hair and makeup. Instead of taking generic photographs, I aim for the personalities of my subjects to shine through the photographs I take.

Formal photography:

When it comes to your formal wedding shoot, I’m more than willing to tailor my photography to suit the style of photography, that you’re after. As an example, I’m able to take artistic black and white photographs or fun, light-hearted shots. Whichever style of photography you’re aiming for, rest assured that your wedding shoot will be a stress free, enjoyable experience as the more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the better your photos will turn out.
So if you’ve been to a wedding, where a highly strung photographer, ordered the bride and groom and their guests around, rest assured that I aim to be unobtrusive and will blend into the background of your wedding. My job is simply, to capture the fun and love of your big day.

Photo shoot locations:

If you have a wedding shoot location in mind, I’ll be sure to use the best angles and lighting in order to capture stunning shots. If not, I may be able to offer suggestions as weddings based in Worcestershire are my bread and butter, so if you tell me what your dream location looks like, I’ll be able to suggest a few suitable locations. So if you’re searching for a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, there’s no need to look any further.

Pre-wedding consultation:

Obviously if the first time you meet your wedding photographer is on your wedding day, you may feel a little awkward or uncomfortable, having a stranger who you just met, taking photos of you on your special day. That’s why I offer no commitment, informal wedding consultations, where you can browse through my extensive portfolio of wedding photographs and have a chat about the style of photography you’re after before making a decision on whether you’re interested in my services or not.
If you’re in the process of planning your big day, I’d be more than honored to capture the special moments of your big celebration as your wedding photographer. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, should you be interested in having an informal chat about your vision for your wedding photographs.

I’d love to hear more about your wedding plans so do drop me a line at mail@crashthewedding.co.uk call me on 07807 419 561 or pop your details into the form here.

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